Making all lives matter until the end

At Castel Froma Neuro Care, we understand that this period of time can be challenging for both individuals and their families. In order to provide the highest quality care, we put the needs of our residents at the heart of everything we do. Our dedicated team ensure our residents live life to the fullest, with dignity, respect and compassion, until the end.

Whilst staying at Castel Froma Neuro Care, residents will have the opportunity to establish two care plans. The first is an individualised care plan which will be prepared and implemented within a few days of admission. The second document to be completed is known as the Advance Care Plan. It is part of a nationally recognised programme known as the Gold Standard Framework in Care Homes and is directed at identifying end of life wishes.

The aims of the Gold Standard Framework are:

  • To improve the quality of care provided for all residents from the time of their admission to the end of their life.
  • To improve collaboration with GPs and specialist care providers.
  • To reduce the number of hospital admissions in the final stages of life.

What will be done?

The resident’s named nurse or a colleague will meet with the resident or relative to complete this document soon after admission. We wish to establish the resident’s or relative’s wishes in respect of end of life care. Decisions may have already been made or this may give you an opportunity to consider what you want to happen in the event of a medical emergency.

Your wishes will be recorded and the document will be safely stored ready for future reference. The resident or relative will be asked to sign the document and the Advance Care Plan will be kept under regular review in case circumstances change or you change your mind about any aspect of care. The opportunity to complete one of these plans will be offered to both permanent and respite residents.

End of life care is unique for every one of our patients, please call our team to find out how we can support you and your loved ones.

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