Our wonderful newly installed Sensory Room at Lillington House was officially opened by Registered Manager Alex Albu on 30 January 2023.  Deputy Chief Executive Elizabeth Jackson shared the importance of sensory modulation; the ability of the brain to interpret sensory input and form a response that results in maintaining the body at an appropriate level of alertness.  Our Therapy team demonstrated the features of the room.  Trustees, residents and staff attended the event.  The Sensory Room provides a sensory environment (sound, smell, sight, taste, touch) for sensory modulation sessions using theme related key events such as ‘seasons’.  The theme on opening day was ‘going to the movies’ – the popcorn smelled so good!  Integrex Limited are the suppliers of the equipment installed.  A big shout out goes to the National Lottery players who have made this possible by funding raised for the Community Fund who awarded Castel Froma £9,988 for this project – thank you #NationalLottery Our residents’ quality of life has already been improved by access to this space and its facilities, and the Therapy team will continue to learn new approaches to using the Sensory Room technology.